GeoVista Borehole Cameras for Well Inspection

High Quality Colour Video

Runs on Wireline Cable

High Spec

1500m to 2000m depths

Optionally Orientated

Field Proven & Reliable

Works on Wireline cable

Run the camera on your geophysical winch

Down looking and 360 deg infinite side viewing

Software Controllable Features

Variable High & Low intensity lighting

Comments, Title, Editing, Depth, Speed

Optional: Orientation Sensor

Ideal for Well Inspection

Real time High Quality Video

Dual view colour on up to 1500m cable

Axial only colour on up to 1500m cable

Axial only Black & White on up to 2000m cable

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High quality, flexibility and reliability offer loggers and drillers alike a new dimension in inspecting wellbores. Geovista supply downhole cameras to allow you to see what is happening in your well. We have designed, manufactured and supplied cameras that have proven invaluable to users worldwide.  Innovative systems allow for high speed data transmission, real time video and still photo capture, user controlled lens focusing, video compression, optical and lighting technology, CCD sensors and image processing.


The ultimate solution in Borehole Investigations

The Geovista cameras are designed to go deep. With a rating of 150/200 BAR, these robust cameras can be used on your geophysical wireline winch providing great flexibility. You don’t need to buy a separate camera system and cable.

The dual view camera provides both axial and 360 deg infinite rotating video with real time depth, speed, comments, title, software controllable functions (editing, zoom, BLC, camera control…), variable high and low intensity lighting as well as focusing and rotation speed control. An optional inclination and deviation sensor can be added to orientate
your downhole video. The cameras are suitable and safe for water well inspections.

Image Orientation and Borehole Inclination

An option to measure and display orientation and borehole inclination on the video monitor is available with the Dual Camera.


There are many applications in borehole environments that require video inspection.

Utility and pipeline management, new construction inspection, Multi-well planning, assures correct downhole installation of equipment, fracture and caving analysis, screen review and evaluation, pump and casing inspection, well planning, re-inspect existing wells to evaluate condition over time, after service inspection, water well monitoring, plan remediation work, recover lost tools and comply with local legal requirements.

Most importantly, high quality video in your well act to save costs by allowing you to plan and work on your boreholes, inspect problems and ensure the well is fit for purpose.



Control Units

Vision Unit CCU

This camera control panel comes in a transit case, and includes a monitor and a video keyboard. This Vision Unit connects to both the winch and to a Laptop for real time recording, editing and software control. Video recording can also be done on a separate DVD recorder.




For vehicle mounted systems, this control panel comes in a compact enclosure.