The new 2-Arm caliper – with independent arms

The new 2-Arm caliper – with independent arms

Independent 4-arm caliper measurements, optionally orientated is now possible in small diameter holes.

The new Geovista 2-arm caliper sonde with individual arms is designed with the purpose of measuring accurate borehole radii and diameter of small holes. In many cases such as geotechnical boreholes, our traditional 4-arm caliper with independent arm measurements is too large to fit due to its 80mm diameter. The older traditional 2-arm caliper can only give one measurement indicating the overall diameter in one axis. The new 2-arm caliper with independent arms is a small diameter (45mm) probe that gives two measurements: X1 radii and X2 radii. Connecting two of these sondes together will give you an impressive 4-arm caliper sonde equivalent – with a much smaller tool diameter.

This tool is combinable with other Geovista sondes. It also comes with an in-built alignment sub to allow the alignment of the caliper arms to be adjusted if two calipers are run together or if a verticality tool is used. This tool increases the range of applications in smaller holes including borehole volume calculation, structure analysis, fracture and cavity localization and rock integrity evaluation. Connected with a verticality sonde, the ability to orientate each arm greatly improves the evaluation and problem solving of boreholes.

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