The all new North Seeking FOG Gyro

The all new North Seeking FOG Gyro

Have you heard about the new Geovista North seeking Gyro?

Geovista has released a new fibre optic Gyro (FOG) that can be deployed in highly inclined holes and any down-hole  environment. It is a multi shot real time sonde that is run on wireline cable, it is simple to operate and does not require any calibration. Some features include:

• No need for initial setting to a reference at surface. It finds it’s reference at each station.
• No need to record drift station
• Operated in highly inclined boreholes
• No influence by magnetic environment
• Solid state sensors.


The increase in reliability and longevity, together with a reduction in the build cost and sale price, all make the fibre optic gyro sonde a welcome alternative. Critically, they save time, they are virtually maintenance-free and essentially, they help keep those boreholes right on target.

The tool is ideal for drillers as it is easy to use, fast and saves a lot of time and money. It can also prove to be an integral part of a service company’s service offering.

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