The Sonic tool is a common tool used in many areas of wireline logging. Acoustic tools, simply put, measure the speed of sound waves in subsurface formations. From these measurements, the porosity can be obtained.

Additionally, sonic tools form the basis of evaluating cement (grout) behind steal casings. This is a very important requirement to ensure well integrity.


Sonic applications:

– Lithology indication

– Fracture Identification and secondary porosity

– Correlation with other wells in the field

– Over pressure identification

– Source rock identification and mechanical properties

– Interval velocity and acoustic impedance

– Cement evaluation (CBL)


Geovista manufacture 2 types of Sonic sondes:

1. Full waveform Sonic Sonde – Comes with 1 TX and 2 RX.  Measures Sonic velocity, Full Waveform and CBL (60mm OD)

2. Slim Array Sonic Sonde – Comes with  1 TX and 4 RX. Measures Sonic velocity, Full Waveform and CBL (50mm OD)