A summary of some applications used with Geovista logging sondes:


Borehole fluid property evaluation
Borehole fluid vertical flow
Ground Water Characterization
Deviation (borehole verticality)
Fluid Conductivity estimates
Distinct interval Water Quality (PH, pressure, Redox, Nitrate, temperature, conductivity)
Borehole Diameter (mechanical properties)
Aquifer Lithology and Thickness
Well Completion and Integrity
Ore body delineation
Bed boundaries
Clay content
Quantitative Density
Well construction planning
Mineral Investigations
Pollution/Environmental investigation
Camera view for well planning/investigation
Third party well confimration
Video Surveys
Cementing analysis
Casing leaks identification
Fish location
Fracture Characterization
Rock Strength
Subsurface Migration
Contaminant Hydrogeology and Hydrostratigraphic Lithology Delineation
Characterize Subsurface Infrastructure
Characterize Geologic and Hydrologic Conditions
Basic Site Characterization
Support Geotechnical Analysis
Civil Engineering Analysis