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Water Quality

Product Information

Please find below a list of water quality probes Geovista can supply:

  • Idronaut 303 Probe
    • Runs with Geovista Logger and winches
    • Temperature, Pressure, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH and Redox sensors
    • Multi-parameter sensor system
    • Downhole fluid water quality profile
    • Groundwater and Environmental investigations
    • 150 Bar pressure and 50 degC temperature rating
    • Combinable with Geovista logging probes
  • pH Probe
    • Uses an AMT pH sensor with pressure balanced electrode and a silver chloride reference electrode
    • Groundwater and Environmental investigations
    • Combinable with other Geovista probes
    • Range of 0 to 14 pH
    • 100 Bar pressure rating
  • Nitrate Probe
    • Continuous profile of Nitrate levels in boreholes
    • Increasingly a requirement to measure this property for groundwater and environmental applications
    • Addition of a Dissolved Organic Carbon measurement as a quality control
    • Uses a sealed measurement system that uses the attenuation of UV light at specific wavelengths
    • Combinable with Geovista logging probes
    • 150 Bar pressure and 80 degC temperature rating




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