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VSP Seismic Geophone

Product Information

The Geovista Digital Borehole Geophone system includes a down the hole digital sonde and a compact digital interface unit at the surface. There is no requirement for a seismograph.
The sonde runs on a single conductor, on a standard logging winch. It includes a motorized clamping arm and three SM24 geophones arranged in an X-Y-Z pattern. The motorised clamping arm allows for work in a range of borehole diameters, by ensuring adequate coupling for the seismic signal. The geophones are non-gimbaled, 3 axis devices, allowing for seismic energy to be measured in X and Y horizontal axis and in the vertical Z axis.
The digital interface unit at the surface has inputs for the down the hole sonde, three surface geophones and the trigger. Collected data is output to a PC via the USB port. The acquisition software allows for data viewing and stacking. The generated SEG2 files can then be imported into most commercial seismic processing software.

NEW: We are now offering an Analogue seismic geophone that can be run with a seismograph. This geophone is ideal when cable length is long.

Product Specification

Weight / length: 15 kg / 1.69 m
Diameter : 64 mm
Clamping: Motorised Arm
Downhole Sensors: X-Y-Z SM24 geophones
Surface Sensors: 3 geophones with simultaneous recording Seismic Source: Not included (Please enquire)
Trigger: From suitable source (e.g. surface geophone)
Data acquisition: Max. 16s record length / 14 bit resolution on a 500 microsecond sample interval. (or 16 bit resolution without the hydrophone)
Output file format: SEG2 Oper.
Press./Temp. Max. 20 MPa / 100ºC