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Ultra Slim tools for Geothermal wells

Product Information

With the increasing use of shallow geothermal wells to provide surface heat and energy, Geovista manufacture ultra slim 16mm logging tools to allow for monitoring, troubleshooting and evaluation of these holes.

These include Density, temperature and trajectory. Please see the data sheet for more information.

  •  Ultra Slim Density Probe
    • 16mm OD
    • Detects variations in the cement density around very small diameter casing or tubes
    • Locates zones of insufficient or inadequate cementation
    • Contains a temperature sensor
  • Ultra Slim Temperature Probe
    • 16mm OD
    • Uses an external PT100 sensor
    • Accurate and instant measurements of the temperature profile/geothermal gradient
    • Improves planning and design wells
    • Gives information on seasonal temperature influences
    • Indication of flowing groundwater at site
  • Ultra Slim Pipeline Trajectory Sonde
    • 16mm OD
    • Measures trajectory profile (azimuth and inclination) in non-magnetic pipes
    • Helps confirm the track of the well does not sway away from the property as per many national legal requirements.

Product Specification