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Spectral Gamma Sonde

Product Information

The spectral gamma version can operate in both spectral and in 5 window mode. The
GM version uses a set of two Geiger-Muller detectors to cater for the high count rates in
uranium ore. The shielded version allows the user to filter out low energy gamma rays
in high grade uranium. This allows for a more linear operation in high gamma counts
environments. The sonde also provides for automatic dead time measurement and

Product Specification

Spectral GR Sonde
Weight: 6.30 kg
Length / Diam: 0.95m / 60 mm (Also 73 mm dia.)
Detector : NaI- 38x 150 mm
73mm sonde: NaI - 57x172 mm
Max. Press: 20 MPa
Max. Temp: 80ºC
No. of Channels: 256 / 512 / 1016
Energy Range: 100 keV to 2.8 MeV
Resolution 10% @ 137Cs