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Spectral Gamma Sonde

Product Information

The spectral gamma version can operate in both spectral and in 5 window mode.

This sonde uses a large 150 x 38 mm Sodium Iodide scintillation crystal coupled to a photomultiplier to detect natural gamma radiation and display it as a 256-channel energy spectrum. This helps to distinguish the main radioisotopes at the source of the radiation (typically 232Th, 238U and 40K). A large crystal is used because of low number of gammas detected in the higher energy range.
A continuous log of Total Gamma counts and of counts within five energy band windows can also be recorded. The range of energies detected by the sonde is from 100 KeV up to 2.8 MeV.

The sonde is pre-calibrated so that data from an internal temperature sensor in intimate contact with the crystal can be used to automatically adjust the high voltage supply to the detector to compensate for any temperature induced changes in its gain. The sonde also provides for automatic dead time measurement and correction.

For much improved resolution, Geovista can supply a LaBr scintillation crystal. 

Product Specification

Spectral GR Sonde
Weight: 6.30 kg
Length / Diam: 0.95m / 60 mm (Also 73 mm dia.)
Detector : NaI- 38x 150 mm
73mm sonde: NaI - 57x172 mm
Max. Press: 20 MPa
Max. Temp: 80ºC
No. of Channels: 256 / 512 / 1016
Energy Range: 100 keV to 2.8 MeV
Resolution 10% @ 137Cs