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EM Induction Sonde

Product Information

Provides logs in low conductivity mud, air-filled and plastic lined boreholes. Performance is best in higher conductivity formations. The Dual Induction configuration allows for a deep and medium penetration differentiating between invaded and uninvaded zones. Probes can be used on their own or in combination with other Geovista sondes

Product Specification

Single Induction Dual Induction
Weight: 6.5 kg 7.5 kg
Length: 1.83 m 1.85 m
Diameter: 43 mm 43 mm
TX-RX Spacings: 39” 24” & 32”
Operating frequency: 39 kHz 25 kHz
Conductivity Range: 3 to 3000 mmho 3 to 3000 mmho
Max. Pressure: 20MPa –
Max. Temp.: 80ºC –