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Natural Gamma Sonde

Product Information

The Geovista digital Natural Gamma Ray Sonde can be used on its own or in combination with other Geovista sondes for correlation purposes.
The spectral gamma version can operate in both spectral and 5 windows mode.

Product Specification

Gross gamma Sonde Spectral Gamma Sonde
Weight: 3.5kg 6kg
Length / Diam.: 0.7m / 38mm or 28mm 0.8m / 50mm
Detector (NaI) : 50mm x 25mm (38mm sonde) 150mm x 38 mm
Max. Press. /Temp. 20MPa / 80ºC 20MPa / 80ºC
No. of Channels 256
Energy Range 100keV to 2.8MeV
Resolution 10% @ 137Cs
Max. Pressure: 20MPa
Max. Temp.: 80ºC