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Magnetic Susceptibility

Product Information

This is a two coil sonde designed to measure apparent formation magnetic susceptibility in a wide range of formations.

Magnetic Susceptibility

  • Used commonly in mining, and geotechnical industries
  • Common for minerals such as pyrite, magnetite and hematite
  • Lithology, bed thickness and mineral characterization
  • Ore economic evaluation, identification and quality
  • Dual coil system
  • Combinable with other Geovista probes

Product Specification

Length / Weight / Ø: 1.1 m / 4.0 kg / 45 mm
Range Options 10-5 to 0.5 SI u @ 25 cm spacing 10-4 to 2 SI u @ 30 cm spacing
Frequency: 2 kHz
Max. Temp.: 75ºC
Max. Press.: 20M Pa