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Geovista Digital Logger

Product Information

This Geovista Logger is required to supply power and communicate with the sondes and the data acquisition PC which is usually a laptop that is used for data display and storage.  The Geovista logger is is a compact unit that is extremely easy to use. One simply switches it on.

The Geovista Logger, probably the most reliable logging portable logging system on the market, is packed full of the latest technology and is used worldwide by large and small logging equipment users. The logger simply connects to a PC via a USB interface and to your logging winch. It can support up to 5 logging probes in your downhole stack and comes complete with the exceptionally easy to use and powerful Geovista logging software. The software and any updates is always available for free to clients. Geovista also will not require you to purchase any additional software. The telemetery is capable of running logging probes on up to 3000m of wireline logging cable.


The GV Logger: simple, reliable and clever

Product Specification

• Equipped with microprocessor controlled digital communications and interfacing capability with selected modern digital sondes and older pulse sondes.
• High speed USB serial data link to PC, Log data display on colour PC screen.
• Variable 8, 16, 24 or 32 bit data resolution.
• Automatic recording of operational parameters.
• Microsoft Windows data acquisition and processing software.
• Splash-proof and dust-proof electronics to IP65 standard.
• Compatible with most winches and cables up to 3000m*
• Printing options
• CE certified
• Compact (200 x 200 x 70mm in stand-alone version).
• Runs from 240 V ac or 12 VDC power supply as required.