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Compensated Neutron Sonde

Product Information

The Geovista digital Dual Spacing Neutron Sonde provides quantitative porosity logs based on Hydrogen Index. It can also be run on its own or in combination with other Geovista sondes.

Dual Neutron Sonde

  • Measures formation porosity
  • Combinable with other Geovista probes
  • Commonly used for aquifer quality & delineation, moisture content and petrophysical properties
  • Used with a 2.5Ci Americium Beryllium source

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Product Specification

Diameter: 60mm
Weight: 23.0kg
Length: 1.67m
Detectors: 3He Proportional Counter
Source: 3 to 2.5 Ci 241Am-Be
Max. Temp. 80ºC
Max. Press. 20MPa