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Geovista supply a range of high performance colour borehole cameras featuring high resolution CCD sensors. All cameras come with white LED integral lighting.

Cameras are controlled from either a dedicated surface panel with a video monitor or a PC based display unit that allow for in-situ video image capture and reporting. The PC based display unit can also be used for borehole logging applications.

Dual View Colour Camera

The Dual Camera sonde offers the convenience of both downhole and sidewall viewing facility by switching between two individual cameras, one directed axially and the other directed radially with 360º infinite rotation. Real time video viewing, depth, speed, comments, title, useful software controllable functions (editing, zoom, BLC, camera control…), variable high and low intensity lighting as well as focusing and rotation speed control is included.The camera is designed to be robust and is pressure rated to 200BAR. The added advantage is that you can use the camera on a geophysical wireline winch—so no need for another camera cable.

In addition, this sonde can be fitted with a compass for image orientation.


Our standard 63mm Dual view camera. (Click to expand)

Axial Viewing Camera

The 42mm Axial Viewing Camera sonde offers the convenience of a lower budget price and a wide angle lens to maximise the frontal field of vision. With a 2 lux sensitivity sensor and high brightness white LED array, this camera is suitable for viewing in low light environment, small diameter wells or wells with small entry restrictions.

axial camera

Our slim 42mm Axial view camera. (Click to expand)


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