Geovista Intelligent Borehole Logging System

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Geovista develop, manufacture and supply borehole geophysical logging and surveying systems, including borehole loggers, logging winches and probes for geophysical logging, directional surveys (magnetometer and FOG gyro based), down hole geophone (for VSP) and micro-seismic (for P & S Velocities), down hole imaging and well inspection cameras.

Our logging systems with their stackable sondes, offer the best added value in the slimline logging business. Main benefits include a reduction in the number of logging trips in the borehole and the ability to run useful probe combinations together as a single tool string.

Our systems are used worldwide and we are widely recognised as a reliable partner, supplying systems that simply work.  

Latest News


Field Training for Disi Water Conveyance Project in Jordan

GeoVista have just completed training for a complete Dual View Colour Camera system for the Disi Water Conveyance Project. This Jordanian water supply project is designed to pump 100 million cubic metres of water per year from the Disi aquifer in South Jordan to the capital, Amman and other cities to meet increasing demand. This vast project requires the constant attention and management of the water wells to ensure consistent and efficient extraction of water for use by the population. GeoVista are proud to be involved in the supply of advanced camera technology to this project to ensure the wells are regularly inspected and evaluated to ensure maintenance and works can be planned to keep the water flowing. The camera provided clear, real time video of the borehole and allowed the operator to inspect the screens, open hole fractures and integrity of the cased/open hole zones. Choosing a reliable and robust camera solution for such a high priority project is essential to ensure no downtime occurs, and that a dedicated support team at GeoVista are always available. The operations team where very hospitable and professional and it was great fun to be riding around the beautiful desert! The training was a great success and we look forward to seeing how the work progresses to ensure Jordan’s population benefit from this essential water supply.          ... read more

Rock Mechanics Evaluation in India

GeoVista have just come back from India offering bespoke training to a client involved in the Gudem Lift irrigation project. This major project is focused on irrigating a vast area of land by raising water through various reservoirs up from a low flowing river. In light of this, structural rock engineers are involved is assessing formation fractures, rock strength and directional stresses to aid in the design and construction of this vast project. GeoVista brings new equipment and technology to improve the planning and evaluation of the water transportation and storage methods. Additionally, a pre and post hydraulic fracking log is now always taken to confirm the hydraulic fractures made while rock testing and planning the next... read more

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We continue providing best in class logging systems that are deployed worldwide, with an excellent reliability record. We don’t just sell a reliable product, we also provide continuous support to our clients, cultivating long lasting relationships cemented by hard won trust. Take a look at some of our clients.