Now you can Log GV probes on Memory!

Now you can Log GV probes on Memory!

After successful field trials, the memory module system is now here!

Geovista launches an exciting new addition to borehole data acquisition.

The Geovista Memory Module is simply, a versatile GV Logger acquisition box that runs downhole with your Geovista combinable probes. Using a Geovista Android App, you can easily program and download logs from the probe via bluetooth. You don’t need to transport an e-line winch to remote locations and can perform TBL or slickline logging. Ideal for keeping a small set of probes at the rig and minimising equipment mobilisation. Used in conjunction with a Geovista supplied surface depth-time recorder, contact us to discuss your requirements.

A New Dimension in Acquiring Borehole Data

The memory module, along with a battery module and surface depth-time recorder (DTR) is designed to solve problems and offer more possibilities in acquiring borehole geophysical data:

  1. No need to mobilise a lot of equipment
  2. Ideal for remote locations
  3. Used on any third party cable or slickline
  4. Used in Through-Bit-Logging
  5. Programmable with an easy to use Android App
  6. Data records down hole and can be downloaded via Bluetooth once the run is complete
  7. Surface depth system options include – connection to 3rd party depth systems, a standalone depth encoder system, or Rig pipe depth recording systems available.

Its already saving clients time and money and acquiring data were normal wireline logging cant reach.

Contact us to discuss how memory logging can help you.