Geovista help identify problems in completion wells

Geovista help identify problems in completion wells

One of the great challenges facing fields, especially aging wells, is ensuring well integrity is kept. Often poorly documented wells cause even further dismay to operators. Ensuring SPMs are functioning, valves are acting correctly and casing is intact is a few of the range of challenges faced by operators who are keen to keep optimum production and make sure completion strings are well looked after.

The Optical Televiewer provides continuous logs of oriented, high resolution unwrapped video images of borehole walls. Further processing allows for the computation and display of standard information on fractures and other geological features. In the case of completion strings, it provides a 360 degree optical view to help operators see what can’t otherwise be seen.

Additionally, our Borehole Cameras have been used extensively to monitor real time videos in both axial and 360 degrees. This allows operators to simply run in hole and view the condition of wells and take effective decisions.

What is becoming increasingly important for operators is that aging wells need to be looked after, new wells need to be verified, problems need to be investigated and well life span needs to be prolonged to maximize productivity.

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