Geovista Intelligent Borehole Logging System

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Geovista develop, manufacture and supply borehole geophysical logging and surveying systems, including borehole loggers, logging winches and sondes for geophysical logging, directional surveys (magnetometer and gyro based), down hole geophone (for VSP) and micro-seismic (for P & S Velocities), down hole imaging and well inspection cameras.

Our logging systems with their stackable sondes, offer the best added value in the slimline logging business. Main benefits include a reduction in the number of logging trips in the borehole and the ability to run useful probe combinations together as a single tool string.

Our systems are used worldwide and we are widely recognised as a reliable partner, supplying systems that simply work.  

Applications include:

Exploration for sub-surface natural resources for minerals, energy and groundwater.

Mining including the identification and evaluation of mineralised formations, the determination of coal quality, ore grade and engineering parameters.

Groundwater, hydrogeology, well rehabilitation and environmental impact assessment

Geotechnical engineering, foundations and tunneling. (Read more on applications)

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Latest News

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We continue providing best in class logging systems that are deployed worldwide, with an excellent reliability record. We don’t just sell a reliable product, we also provide continuous support to our clients, cultivating long lasting relationships cemented by hard won trust. Take a look at some of our clients.