Geovista Intelligent Borehole Logging System


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Geovista develop, manufacture and supply borehole geophysical logging and surveying systems, including borehole loggers, logging winches and probes for geophysical logging (real time & memory), directional surveys (magnetometer and FOG gyro based), down hole geophone (for VSP) and micro-seismic (for P & S Velocities), down hole imaging and well inspection cameras.

Our logging systems with their stackable sondes, offer the best added value in the slimline logging business. Main benefits include a reduction in the number of logging trips in the borehole and the ability to run useful probe combinations together as a single tool string.

Our systems are used worldwide and we are widely recognised as a reliable partner, supplying systems that simply work.  

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Memory Natural Gamma Logging – Standalone

Now you can record your Natural Gamma Ray Log without the need for a wireline unit and winch to mobilise to your rig. Geovista supply a standalone 28mm or 38mm Memory based Natural Gamma Probe complete with internal Battery that can be deployed in boreholes or within...

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Quality data you can be sure of

Geovista manufacture geophysical logging systems that are designed to provide you high quality in situ, real time data to characterise your borehole. As an ISO certified company, our facility includes a 150m real borehole, calibration utilities and the ability to...

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